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Timeless Stickley….

Posted by on Jul 25, 2014 |

StickleyThis set of original condition Stickley Bros. (Grand Rapids, MI) furniture arrived quietly. At first glance it looked to be what is today called “Stickley Style.” When I turned the loveseat over I was delighted to see the mark of the Stickley Brothers who were great advocates of the arts and crafts movement.

The five brothers, Gustav, John George, Leopold, Albert and Charles hailed from Osceola, Wisconsin. Yes, Wisconsin–but life took them to upstate New York where they started a chair company. With each brother adding his skills and creativity the firm grew by making a complement of household furniture all of which was built to last. The pieces did last and those in our showroom now are a fine example of the brothers’ exceptional workmanship and vision. While these pieces are dated to the late 20s they have a patina of youth. Just like Frank Lloyd Wright homes there is something about Stickley furniture that simply speaks to brilliant design and ageless beauty.

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